For the first two or three days after the procedures, patients need to take it very easy. This is a time to mostly be laying around and keeping your pelvis propped up on a few pillows. Walking around when necessary is definitely okay but you don't want to walk at a brisk pace those first few days. It's also very painful for most patients to urinate the first few days because the incisions are fresh. For that reason, we recommend patients use a squeeze bottle or a cup of water to pour over the area during urination to help clean the area and to help minimize any stinging sensation.

After five to seven days, most patients can increase their cardiovascular activity and begin working out again but that's going to depend on the amount of soreness. Tampon and exercise activity is generally restricted for the first two to four weeks after surgery but that will depend on how each person is healing and it will be a little different for every patient.

"Will It Hurt to Go to the Bathroom After Labiaplasty?" Popular Recovery Questions Answered

When talking about surgery "down there," Dr. Dana Goldberg definitely says there will be some discomfort during normal activities.