Dr. Rick: Hey, Dr. Rick here for question of the day. Patients ask a lot about using a larger implant rather than having a lift. It's a great question, and something that really should be discussed a lot through consultation.

The very short answer is: never use an implant to mimic a lift. If you need a lift, you need a lift. You should always have an implant placed into the breast that fits the breast, gives you the size that you need, and is not too wide for your breast. That's the first thing.

If after you choose an implant, your doctor or your surgeon feels that a lift will add what you're looking for, then you should get a lift. It's never a good idea to put a larger implant in to mimic a lift because all you really end up getting is a large breast that's still kind of sagging and drooping.

So, if you need a lift, and your surgeon feels that you need a lift, you just need to soul search whether your okay, or not, with scars on the breast, which generally heal very, very well.

That's the question for the day. Hope that helps clear it up, and if you want to come talk about it, come see me anytime.

Will Bigger Implants Give Me the Look of a Breast Lift?

Dr. Richard Brown answers a question regarding using a bigger breast implant to get the "lifted" look.