I actually get many patients referred from gynecology offices. Most gynecologists don't feel comfortable managing the cosmetic concerns of patients because they are very busy taking care of their medical concerns. I do find some OB/GYNs are very qualified for managing postop changes for women but I do find that that's mostly confined to the labial and vaginal areas. OB/GYNs who offer liposuction and tummy tuck procedures are almost always trained at weekend courses and are not really board certified to do these procedures. I don't mean any individual can't do a great job but as a whole, you're better off going at a board certified plastic surgeon.

Why Doesn't My Gynecolegist Offer Labiaplasty Surgery?

Dr. Dana Goldberg explains why an OB/GYN might not be the best choice for your vaginal procedure, even if they do offer it.