General anesthesia has become quite predictable now, and surgery centers have flourished all over the country, all over the world, because of the ability of the anesthesiologist to do very safe anesthesia. Where people wake up after, say, a three, four, five hour procedure, with relatively little nausea, very predictable physiology, and they're ready to go home, usually, within an hour to two hours from surgery. And that's allowed us, as cosmetic surgeons, to do outpatient surgery, or procedures that used to be required admission to the hospital, not so much because of the danger of the surgery, but because of the considerations for the anesthesia, and the ability of the patient to wake up, and be able to take care of themselves after the operation. That's all changed.

Why Are Outpatient Procedures More Common Today?

Dr. Maggi explains how the advancements in anesthesiology have given surgeons the opportunity to offer many of their procedures on an out-patient basis.