Dr. Christine Rodger: Sometimes patients will complain about hearing some noises following a breast augmentation. Typically it's usually in the beginning stages and after a breast augmentation there's always a tiny bit of blood in the pocket even with the most careful surgeon. Some have reported up to 70ccs of blood in the pocket, that usually will dissipate though. Your own body will take care of that. On occasion I'll see a patient who comes in years after the surgery and say, "I have some gurgling or some sounds." and almost always they've exercised a lot and when one does that your muscle makes fluid too and any part of your body would do that. If it was a leg it tends to attract and hold fluid and you can hear a little bit of gurgling but it will go away. I've never had anyone who kept it going all the time.

Why Are My Breasts Making Weird Noises?

Believe it or not, you may hear some "gurgling" or other sounds from your breasts post-op, and Dr. Christine Rodgers tells us why.