Hello again, this is Dr. Stephen Prendiville. One question I see a lot on the internet is, "Who should I see to perform my facelift?" Obviously, there's several parts to that answer. The way you would start your search is actually through local word of mouth, because you want to basically have the recognition of the surgeon that you want to see as somebody who's done quality work in your community. The second thing your ought to look at is board certification, and this is part of the process, so you want to see a surgeon who is board certified and fellowship trained in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, or a surgeon whose certified in the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Now, the key to this factor is really their experience and expertise in facelifts. If somebody is doing very few facelifts, let's say they do mainly rhinoplasty surgery, or if somebody's doing primarily breast and body surgery, that's probably not the surgeon that you want to see. You want to see somebody who is devoting a significant portion of their practice time to facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

You can ask how many facelifts they perform per year. Somebody who's doing two to ten procedures is probably not the person with the most experience that you want to see. Experience is important, and I hope this is helpful for you in your search. Thank you. Bye-bye.

Surgeon Qualifications: How To Choose the Best Doctor For You

Dr. Stephen Prendiville advises RealSelf users in why they should choose a surgeon board certified by the ABFPRS or ABPS who makes facial rejuvenation a big part of their practice