Dr. Steven D. Shapiro: I think the best candidate is somebody who has reached the weight that they want to reach. It's not a weight loss system or a weight loss device, and once they reach that weight where they still have lose skin or cellulite in the area of the abdomen, they can sit there and say, hey, what else can I do? I've exercised, I've done everything I can and changed my diet. I want to get better. I want my clothes to fit loose. And then they're able to have this treatment without any pain or discomfort with immediate results and they can see the improvement right in that area. We do treat other parts of the body. We treat the thighs, we treat the arms, we treat the neck. The results on the neck have been incredible, and I think some of that has to do with the radio frequency device on thinner skin like the neck. I think it can penetrate a little bit better. The iLipo itself is an interesting laser because it's 658 nanometers. That's the wavelength.

And that does cause the fat cells to release their contents, but there's another laser that's in the aftercare treatment and that laser device helps to tighten some of the collagen and of course, the radio frequency does that as well. So you are getting skin tightening and reduction of cellulite at the same time.

Who is a Good Candidate for iLipo?

Dr. Steven D. Shapiro describes who is a good candidate for iLipo.