There are a number of physicians who really believe in the wedge technique. I happen not to be in that school. That's not to say that I haven't seen acceptable results with it. I think it's a much more complicated procedure. I think it's a procedure that a lot of people can get lost in. I trully believe that labiaplasty surgery is not a simple surgery. I think it actually requires a lot of talent and a lot of art in your eye to be able to make three-dimensional structures look correct. I personally like the linear technique. I think that in my patients after I've done that procedure, three to six months later you really can't find the scars. I don't have a lot of pushback on color changes. We don't see a lot of that as a problem. People are very pleased with that procedure. Again, it goes back to the deep psychological buttons that you're touching when you do that procedure and how a woman feels about herself.

There Are 2 Popular Techniques For Labiaplasty, But Which Is Better?

There are two popular techniques for conducting a labiaplasty procedure. Dr. Paul Vitenas discusses why he prefers one over the other.