I have a lot of experience with saline, with silicone, and all the various teardrop Gummy Bear implants. I never recommend saline anymore. I don't see any situation where saline has any advantage, so it's between regular silicone, and Gummy Bear.

This implant is firmer, the Gummy Bear is firmer, but that's the price you pay for having something that's ripple free and able to confer a shape upon the breast. If it's too soft it won't shape the breast. The only patients who've ever complained to me that this is firm are people with very loose, kind of floppy breast, because this is firmer than the consistency of their own breasts tissue, and because they have a more a mobile breast, the breast sort of moves over this fixed implant.

This implant is shaped by the breast.This is an adder of volume. If you put in an implant like this, there will be a redistribution of gel, so that it does take on a relatively natural appearance. So in a looser, emptier breast, this is fine. In the tighter breast where you want to have a smooth of a transition as possible, and you want to better control the breast shape, that's when I think the teardrop is better.

Which Implant Is Right For Me?

Dr. Steven Teitelbaum talks about the difference between so-called "gummy bear" teardrop implants and regular silicone breast implants.