Female Voice: When I first became a dermatologist, I went to my first dermatology conference. There was one little booth at the exhibit hall showing, you know, one glycolic acid containing lotion that we all use and I bought it. That was great. Now, even I as a dermatologist have difficulty judging or picking really certain products because there's an overwhelming number. There are a lot of reasonably good products that you can get over the counter and some of my favorite cosmetics, now I've seen at Costco, but I think that one thing that the doctor's office can offer you that you can't get over the counter are products with higher concentrations of active ingredients and I know this from working with over-the-counter companies in the past that they can't include the same level of active ingredients as a doctor's recommended product or dispense product because they can be irritating and they will need to be followed.

So while a product may have vitamin C over the counter, it's not going to have the same concentration as a product that's sold typically through a doctor's office and that's because they want to be sure they don't have a certain percentage of people in the public developing a rash or an irritation from their products. The other thing that's really exciting about cosmeceuticals I think now is that there are so many new ingredients that actually have really wonderful effects on the skin.

Prevention is worth a pound. Was it a pound of prevention is worth an ounce of cure, something like that? You may have that backwards. But in any case, the ability to prevent a lot of the damage that we are constantly treating as dermatologist is really wonderful and proper use of retinols and sunscreen, topical antioxidants and just basically good skin care can really go a long way in helping patients not need the more invasive services in the future and I think when patients understand that, they're more than willing to try out the products. Also once they use the products and they see results or they see that myself and my staff all use the products and you know have healthy, good looking skin, then they're very excited to give them a try.

Which Cosmeceutical Products Actually Work?

Doctor Jacqueline Calkin discusses which cosmeceutical products she recommends and how to select for the many of products available.