Patients who often come seeking my opinion for breast augmentation and it's very common to see multiple physicians. One of the things that's unique to my practice is that I offer more than one incisional approach. I spent a significant amount of time training in what's called the transaxillary breast augmentation. This allows me to put breast implants through a remote incision off of the breast and hide it in a crease within the armpit. With those types of approaches, I'm able to put in all kinds of implants, saline implants, silicon gel implants and patients were able to get the results they want and minimize any potential scarring on the breast.

It's very important that patients understand that part of that has to do with their anatomy and how they present and their body types. So certainly it's not a procedure that's right for every body type for every patient, but in patients who do have an appropriate build for it, I think it's important not to limit your technique and be able to deliver a result that the patient wants and meet their desires.

Which Breast Augmentation Approach Is Best?

There are many different approaches to breast augmentation, which Dr. Steven Camp details in this video.