Most of the time with a short scar facelift, it's somewhere around the side burn area, then it goes down along the front of the ear hidden very well in the crease of the ear. Then sometimes in front or in back of this little flap called the tragus, and then back into the crease of the earlobe. And then it usually hides somewhere behind the earlobe, and that's it, whereas a typical traditional face and neck lift might have extended all the way into the temple, and then behind the ear, and into the back hairline.

Sometimes we'll put a small incision underneath the chin too, if we have to do some work on the front of the neck, but we don't always have to do that. Sometimes we can just do a little bit of liposuction on the neck, and then do the short scar facelift, and that takes care of the problem. So a lot of this is very highly individualized, it depends on each person and whether you know, what they want to accomplish, because not everybody wants to have a big face and neck lift. And even if they might be a candidate in some people's eyes for a big face and neck lift, they may just want a little bit of change. And that's why for me having the minimally invasive option is a really good thing.

Where Is the Scar on a Short Scar Facelift?

Dr. Joseph Grzeskiewicz draws on himself the positions of a short scar and full facelift, noting the length of each and why one patient may be more in need of a full facelift than another.