You can use donor cartilage or cadaver cartilage or bone in a lot of different ways. In the face, it's typically used in reconstructive cases, maybe trauma or cancer, something along these lines, not as much for cosmetic reasons. I mean, if people are augmenting their chin or their cheeks or something along those lines, oftentimes, they're just using filler or silicone implants or maybe MedPour, something along these lines.

In the nose, cadaver cartilage or rib cartilage is used pretty frequently. The only risks with it are, technically, it could have a virus present, HIV, hepatitis. These things can be there. They're checked for, the cartilage is irradiated and it's very unlikely that you could ever have that problem, but that risk is still present and you have to be aware of that.

Cadaver cartilage also reabsorbs or dissolves, so to speak, with a little bit higher percentage rate than your own cartilage but it's a very good material to use and, in some patients, they don't want to use their rib but they don't want to use silicone implants and they need a lot of cartilage and that's one of the last options that you have left.

When Would Cadaver Cartilage Be Used in A Procedure?

Although one of the last options used in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Chase Lay explains how cadaver cartilage might be utilized to build up areas of the face such as the chin or the nose.