When a breast implant is done initially, I think there's always a lag between a women saying, "Do you want to see my implants?" And then saying, "No, these are my breasts."

So there is that sort of an incorporation much as you would have if you dyed your hair or you got eyelash extensions. And so I think there is a time for a woman when initially right after surgery everything's hard, and it looks like it's a [inaudible 00:00:34]. It's just stuck up there, and it feels like it will never be part and parcel natural.

But typically what experience has been if a woman is a little bit stretched out because of pregnancy, because of weight gain, because of age and you put a silicone implant that's well figured to the diameter of her chest, she'll feel comfortable in that within about four weeks.

On the other hand, if you take a very tight chested woman, get very ambitious in the size of the implant you are, try to stuff it in there, there is going to be a lot longer time before that implant starts to soften. And oftentimes there is a delay between that time when that woman feels that these are her own breasts besides these are her implants.

When Will My Implants Feel Natural to Me?

Dr. Lavinia Chong understands that many women may feel that their implants are unnatural right after surgery, but she urges them to give their new breasts some time to settle in.