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  • When Is a Breast Lift Necessary?
Well, patients themselves rarely know when they need a lift. Most patients don't want a lift, but the surgeon on evaluation will be able to determine. It's basically the relationship of the nipple with their breast fold or the inframammary fold as it's also known as. It's basically where the breast hangs off of the chest. If the nipple is significantly below that level, then the patient will need a breast lift no matter what. A breast augmentation alone will frequently not correct that. If it's way less than that, if the nipple is just barely at that level of the inframammary fold, sometimes they can get away by just doing a breast augmentation, and that will perform a sort of internal lifting for them.

When Is a Breast Lift Necessary?

Dr. Mel Ortega explains how a surgeon assesses whether a patient will be happy with just a breast augmentation or whether a breast lift is also necessary to achieve their desired results.