Male Voice: Morning.

Female Voice: Morning.

Male Voice: I'm going to ask you some questions.

Female Voice: Okay.

Male Voice: Are you ready?

Female Voice: Yeah.

Male Voice: All right.

Female Voice: Do you want me to look into the camera?

Male Voice: No, you can look at me.

Female Voice: Okay.

Male Voice: How did you end up deciding about your size when you [inaudible 00:00:45]?

Female Voice: With my pre-op visit with Dr. Goldberg, trying on all the different sizes gave me a really good idea of the look that I wanted to go for. I had this number set in my head before and then trying on all the sizes made me realize what size was really more appropriate for my body type, with how active I am.

Male Voice: How was your night last night? Were you nervous or excited?

Female Voice: Very, very, nervous, nervous-excited. I couldn't sleep much but I think I'm just more anxious to see the outcome. I'm just really excited, and anxious, and nervous, and ready to get this done. [laughs]

Male Voice: See you on the other side.

[music playing]

Female Voice 2: Generally, anesthesia is very safe. I tell patients it's much more likely you'll die in a car accident on the way to anesthesia instead of the actual anesthesia. Many of the risks are genetic and if your family hasn't had problems with anesthesia it's very unlikely that you will.

[music playing]

Female Voice: Surgery went pretty well. I feel actually pretty good. Just a little bit tender, it's a little hard to breath in. But I kind of psyched myself out by looking at YouTube videos and all the girls were freaking out and I'm surprised I actually feel pretty good. My mouth is just really dry, and I can't wait to see them. I think the first thing I tried to do was try to peek at them, but that was a bad idea. But other than that, everybody here has been amazing. Dr. Goldberg, amazing. He made me feel really at ease. Time to sleep for the rest of the day.

Female Voice 3: So, your mouth's going to be really dry from the patch, you can take it off whenever you want. But we recommend that you keep it on for a day, it's going to help with the nausea from any pain medication you're taking. And when you take it off, wash your hands so you don't get it in your eyes. We'll call you tomorrow to check up on you, okay?

Female Voice: Thank you so much.

Female Voice 3: Oh, you're welcome. You look great! [laughs]

Female Voice: Thanks.

[music] [inaudible 00:04:02]

Female Voice: Yes. I won't obviously, not for a while.

Female Voice 4: Maybe one day you'll see me when I come back.

Female Voice: [inaudible 00:04:13]

Female Voice 4: All right. There you go. Legs up. Seatbelt must go on. And then we're going to give you call tomorrow. I'll just take your telephone number that's in the front of this chart. I's going to ask to speak to Christine, is that okay?

Female Voice: Yes.

Female Voice 4: All right. You did wonderful. IV's out, leads are off, you have your instructions. John, did I give you the alcohol or no?

John: You did.

Female Voice 4: All right. You're all set.

Female Voice: Thank you so much.

Female Voice 4: You're welcome. Rest up. You've got someone great taking care of you.

John: Thank you very much. Nice to meet you too.

Female Voice 4r: All right. Bye-bye.

John: You ready?


What is the day of Breast Augmentation Surgery Like?

Doctor Dana Goldberg documents the experience of a patient and what a typical breast augmentation surgery feels like.