Acne scarring is a particular specialty of mine, and when we evaluate
patients with acne scarring, we look at the types of scars they have, and
we break them down into three main groups. They're called rolling, boxcar,
or ice pick. The rolling and boxcar scars are the easiest to improve, and
we talk about improvement as opposed to perfection.

Silicone microdroplet is, I believe, the best treatment for acne scarring.
It's also used for volume replacement in patients who have cancer or have
AIDS. But acne scarring is the particular area of expertise for that. Dark
skin, light skin, green skin, it's color blind. It's placing tiny little
droplets underneath the skin, and silicone is permanent. It doesn't support
bacteria or viral growth. It doesn't migrate. What we're trying to do is
make your body react to the silicone droplet in the same way that an oyster
reacts to a grain of sand. It makes a pearl around that grain of sand. Your
body is making a pearl of collagen in each place where we put that

What Treatment Options are Available for Acne Scarring?

Dr. Barry Resnik discusses what treatments are available for "rolling," "boxcar," and "ice pick," acne scars.