The length of rhinoplasty really depends on how extensive we're working on your nose. For instance, if we're doing a closed approach to remove a small dorsal hump, it may take only about 45 minutes to an hour. But if we're doing an open approach with extensive tip work, osteotomies, and putting spreader grafts and tip grafts and so on, it could take up to four and a half hours.

The recovery of rhinoplasty involves where next-day I.C.U. and small packing is removed. Around third day or fourth day, the sutures are removed. And by the seventh day, all the casts and the splints are all removed and you may go back to work and put light makeup on. Some patients may have a slight bruising by seventh day, especially if we did an osteotomy, but most patients, there's not much bruising at all by the seventh or tenth day. Most of our patients, by the third week, may resume full activity. That's the typical recovery for rhinoplasty patients.

The cost of rhinoplasty really depends on how extensive we're working on your nose. If we're doing a relatively straight-forward rhinoplasty with closed approach, such as reduction of a small dorsal hump or limited osteotomy, those usually run about $2,000. But if we're doing a more extensive open rhinoplasty, where the septum is involved, where we're doing tip work or we're doing grafts and we're putting spreader grafts or tip grafts or we're doing osteotomies, that ranges up to $6,000-$7,000. Now, that cost is inclusive of your anesthesia fee, facility fee, and surgeon's fee as well as all the post-op visits.

There are several risks that are involved with rhinoplasty just like any other surgery. There's a small risk of bleeding after surgery, there's a small risk of nasal obstruction, a very small risk of septum perforation or difficulty of smell. Now, these are, relatively speaking, small risks and about two or three weeks before surgery, all of our patients are educated with post-op care and instructions to minimize this risk.

Rhinoplasty Info From Start To FInish

Dr. Kyle Choe answers a few commonly asked questions about the rhinoplasty procedure. He explains how long a normal surgery takes, guidelines for a normal recovery process. and a few risks associated with the surgery.