So there's several things you could do to prepare yourself for an eyelid surgery. We ask all of our patients, about two weeks before the surgery, that you refrain from aspirin and ibuprofen use and stay away from all the herbals. One week before surgery, we also ask that you stop alcohol consumption and really start loading up on some vitamin C to help the healing process. All these things ultimately will decrease your chance of bruising and swelling, so that you will heal faster, and get on to quicker recovery.
So eyelid surgery cost really depends on whether we do it under local anesthesia or whether we go in to the OR suite to have it performed.

For those patients who really need just skin removal only, we can do it strictly under local anesthesia. And the cost range is around $2000 dollars. If we were to take you to the OR suite to remove skin and fat and do a little bit more contouring, the cost obviously is a little bit more expensive, because there's a surgeon's cost, a facility cost, and an anesthesia fee. Overall that could range anywhere from $3000 to $5000 depending on whether you're doing an upper bleph or upper and lower combined.
The recovery time for a blepharoplasty depends on whether you're doing an upper bleph only or you're doing upper and lower bleph. For most patients, the sutures are removed in about three to four days after surgery, and you can put makeup on in about seven days. For most patients, you could return to work in seven to ten days. Now, if you are having a lower bleph done, you may have slightly blurry vision, but again, for most patients, by tenth day you could resume your activity and go back to work.
So there are several benefits to eyelid surgery. I believe that eyelid surgery does not necessarily make you look younger, but it does make you look more refreshed, more awake and it makes you look a lot less tired. So the other benefits are patients who do have eyelid surgery done, they realize the eye makeup goes on much easier. So overall it improves your outlook, it improves your face in different ways.

Considering Eyelid Surgery? Here's How to Prepare, the Cost, and Recovery Info

Dr. Kyle Choe answers some commonly asked questions about blephroplasty (eyelid) procedures. He explains how long a blephroplasty procedure lasts, how it affects your vision, and the recovery process.