Dr. Mitchell Schwartz: When someone is interested in cosmetic treatment and goes in to talk with a doctor, I think they need a really good global assessment. So they may first have to tell me exactly what it is that bothers them - what about their appearance - because sometimes I may see something totally different that doesn't bother them at all, and overlook the problem that they came in for if they don't tell me. So they have to tell me exactly what's bothering them the most.

After evaluating the physician which is their initial step, then they really should be asking about the physician's experience, what techniques they use to make people look good; ask for before-and-after photographs of patients that they've actually done.

Another thing I even recommend is if you're in a new area and you really aren't sure who to see, there are physicians in the area that are part of medical educational faculties for the different cosmetic injectable companies. And those are physicians that have usually much more experience, so they're training other doctors how to inject. So that would be a good place to start.

Another important feature is making sure the physician is the one who's doing the injections and not other staff members.

What Should You Ask Your Doctor When Considering Cosmetic Treatment?

Dr. Mitchell Schwartz covers what questions should you ask your doctor when considering cosmetic treatment.