I always tell patients in terms of going to sleep, I tell patients whatever position they feel comfortable in it's okay. If they want to lie in their side, that's okay. I prefer they don't lie on their backs which is putting a lot of pressure on the buttocks, but they can certainly lie on their sides and usually I tell them don't really put a lot of pressure on the buttocks in terms of sitting for about two weeks, but really after that they're pretty much good to go. Most of my patients do not have significant pain after this procedure and they usually can go back to work just like the liposuction patients, maybe a couple of days after the procedure. So, it's really, in terms of recovery, it's a lot better than most of the other surgeries that we do which are a little bit more invasive.

What's the Best Sitting Position After Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift?

You're booty's sure to look amazing after getting a Brazilian Butt Lift, but how the heck are you supposed to sit so you don't mess up the results? Dr. Steven Wallach explains.