Dr. David Amron: What makes a good liposuction surgeon? Despite all these aggressively marketed tools and technologies out there, it really is a most important thing that you can do in terms of choosing your surgeon. What makes a good liposuction surgeon? Well, there are a number of factors. It's not always who's in Beverly Hills, who's been doing this for 20 years, as opposed to five years, who's been on television, who a friend recommends, who a doctor may recommend. It's about finding a person who really, I think, focuses and specializes in this procedure specifically. A surgeon with a lot of integrity in terms of always trying to do the right thing, is honest, has perfect judgment about who's a good candidate, who's not a good candidate for this procedure itself, and where to target.

Who has good experience, good artistic skills, and good artistic sense of how to go about each area and with each patient. And has good technical skills, in terms of how to get to their endpoint. What you're trying to do is you're trying to find a surgeon who is nailing the results, virtually every time, and not having problems, in terms of having to redo areas. So really take your time in terms of choosing the surgeon themselves. It's really the most important thing you can do.

What Makes A Good Liposuction Surgeon?

Doctor David Amron discusses what makes a good liposuction surgeon.