Dr. Michael Gold: The body contouring field in Medicine is huge, and we have a lot of great devices that really are showing efficacy today; several years ago maybe not as much. Lots of treatments, lots of hope and lots of promises.

We've had a device which is known as VelaShape for a long time. We've just recently had the VelaShape 3 introduced, and just for a moment I'll just tell you this is a device that uses what's called Elos technology, which is radio frequency along with light and along with vacuum technology, to treat cellulite, to treat areas of fat - not really reducing fat, but making the skin tighter - and this is really great technology.
What makes VelaShape 3 different is that compared to the older models, we have now doubled the power, we have now decreased the treatments to half of what we had to do, so our patients are getting really nice results now. So we're actually seeing a difference a lot sooner.

Treatments are very comfortable for the patients, and we're seeing the results. And if you don't see the results, it's kind of hard to tell somebody, "Hey, come in for eight or ten treatments," if I can do that in three, or four, or five treatments, then I have something that actually is useful for my patients.

We like using it post babies in women. There's nothing else out there that we have clinical trials that have shown it's effectiveness, that we know it works. And so if you've just had a baby and you're looking to get your skin back in the shape faster than what normal time would take, VelaShape 3 is a great option. We can use it for other contouring on the body, we can use it for contouring the arms and the knees and other areas that people might not necessarily think about.

There is no recovery time, so our patients come in, they get treated and they go right back to work. So for body contouring today, VelaShape 3 is sort of one of the great new options that we have.

What is VelaShape and How Does it Work?

Dr. Michael Gold discusses VelaShape and how it works.