The newest one if the vectus laser, which is a type of dialed laser and it’s made by Palomar, which is the company that originally developed lasers for hair removal and it has homogenous engineering features. It uses the wavelength that is optimal because it will penetrate into the skin, deeper than some of the other wavelengths, but also is very effectively absorbed by the skin pigment, which is present in hair follicles as well, melanin. And it also has some engineering features that allow the hair removal to be very effective even at lower power levels then it would be used with other lasers so it’s actually the least painful of all the lasers for hair removal. It has a very large surface area that can be done so treatment in one session with one pulse of laser energies of the treatments tend to be very rapids with large body areas can be done, usually, in just a matter of minutes. So the biggest advantages are the effect that it is much less painful.

This is the type of treatment I’ve also been doing for probably nearly 15 years. Of the various laser that I have used for hair removal, the vectus is definitely, by far, the least painful for a patient. Generally, there is sort of a minimum for hair removal because of the nature of the hair growth cycle so you usually, there would be a minimum of four to six treatments. But for any given patient, they would typically require the least treatments with the vectus compared to older lasers.

What is Vectus and how does this Laser Work for Hair Removal

Dr. Robert Langdon discusses Vectus and how this laser can work for hair removal.