Everybody always asks what’s the newest kid on the block and devices and what’s the most exciting thing out there. They’re all exciting to me. I love my Intense Pulsed Light devices; I love my eMatrix type devices, my fractional CO2 devices and all my skin tightening devices. They’re great. They do wonderful things for my patients in a non-invasive way. The key is non-invasive way.

Then this Ulthera or Ultherapy came out, which is fractionated ultrasound. We’re thinking, “Okay, fractionated ultrasound,” but specific targeting and a specific depth that we’ve never been able to go to deep before with every pulse. We can actually see it on the screen. This is like sort of taking it to another level for a lot of us. That became intriguing.

There was a lot of pain involved and so you would come see me, the first thing I do is take the keys because you had to have a ride home because I gave you enough medicines that you weren’t driving. It was painful, and so our patients . . . a lot of handholding even with the medicines that we gave to get through a treatment.

About two years ago, we worked with a company a little bit on “Let’s fix the protocols. We don’t need this amount of energy to get the same kind of results.” Now it’s painless. I don’t even get anything from my patients anymore. We did a full-face in that treatment in an hour. It works every time and I tell that to patients and then take lots of photographs to show them. We’ve done thousands of these and I can count in one hand the number of people I’ve done a second treatment on; mainly because I wanted to do it.

I wait a year before I can do that second treatment because it takes upwards of three months for the collagen to get tighter, but everybody gets tighter. Everybody improves and we can’t say that with every device. With radiofrequency, sometimes you’re going, “Well the tightening works on most every patient.” I’m sure there are people that won’t respond to ultrasound; I’ve yet to see it.

The Ultherapy kind of treatment is painless. It works. My patients love it. My staff loves it, and we do it every day. That’s become the most popular type of procedure I’m doing in this day and age. It may change in a month or two, but right now, the patients seem to really enjoy it because it doesn’t hurt and they’re seeing the results. If you see results, that’s the whole thing.

What is Ultherapy?

Dr. Michael Gold discusses Ultherapy.