Once again, today we're going to be talking about the ThermiRF. First of all, let me tell you what RF is. RF means radio frequency, and this is the science of heat, if you will. “Hey Doc, I need something that I don't have a whole lot of downtime, because I don't want to take off a week or so off work. I want something that maybe will allow me to last a little bit longer than my Botox or the Xeomin.”

And so we want to make sure that we are providing for this, or we have those ones who actually don't need their grandmother's facelift, if you will. They want to look refreshed, they want to in theory have it done on a Friday, go back to work Monday, and these are the things that we can actually offer to them.

So we've come up with basically those things-- Give me another one. We've come up with essentially this tweener kind of therapy. We get great results. We're able to basically keep the price point down, new slide, and to be able to provide the things that we need. For those individuals who use Botox, you know that it lasts about three and a half to four months. I've got some heads nodding.

Whereas a lot of people, although they love to see me may not want to see me every three to four months. They want to see the Botox, of course, or the results of the Botox or the Xeomin or the Dysport, and essentially we can do not only ablate the nerve with the chemical, the Botox, we can actually do that with the radio frequency, and that can last one to two years. That's really kind of fantastic, especially for our busy lifestyles.

The ThermiLift and the ThermiTight, we're using that science of heat to basically draw things up. Everybody here's cooked bacon before, right? You put it in the pan, it kind of shrivels up. That's the same thing that we're looking at when essentially we're going between the skin and the muscle. You don't smell like bacon, but you get the picture, okay? Let me go over another slide.

Now, there's actually a family that Thermi's actually kind of come out with. All of these are, once again, minimally invasive. Let me be very clear: There's is no cutting. No cutting. Come on in, join the party! We aren't going to bust you out like the comedy club. Alright, so essentially the first one is called ThermiRaise. Now, ThermiRaise has to do with the nerve. That's the nerve that basically gives you the 11 sign, and you know when you make that sign that you're ticked off at your spouse, you know how it pulls the brow down.

If we take out the nerves that pull the brow down, either with Botox or Xeomin, we can allow that lifting muscle to work uninhibited. Does that make sense? Did I just make up a word? Anyway, work with me. The Thermi type basically has to do with the skin. The ThermiLift, we're calling it more of the face. And this is where we do the most of our-- and get our great results. And then the ThermiDry, you've heard of some individuals that really sweat more than the average. They are changing their shirts two and three times a day, they're walking around, very embarrassing situations, they always have a coat on even though it's very hot out.

We can essentially use, knock out the sweating nerves, like with the Xeomin or the Botox, but we can use this radiofrequency device to get them potato chip for up to two years. That's a big deal. Okay? And then the non-invasive ones that are actually coming soon here, the ThermiSmooth and the ThermiVa, and once again, it's just like that. It can be in conjunction with a labiaplasty, but it's basically for the tightening of the vaginal vault, and they just use once again the same things and it causes a contraction of the vault.

And of course you can see that both customer and spouse are usually very happy about such things like that. The ThermiSmooth is basically using a heated device, where we actually use it more around the eye area, that causes collagen stimulation without even going underneath the skin. It works really well for the finer skin around the eyes, if you will, and we're going to have some pictures to show you that. Next one. Next one.

So this is essentially-- I wanted to give you a model of what this works. So this is going to be your skin right here, and on here, these are these little columns of what we call septa. Now imagine, if you will, if we basically ate a few more cheeseburgers than we were supposed to, and all of a sudden the thighs got a little bit thicker. Or, what happens is these septa are going to move, but stretch so much, and then they're going to hang on just like the pins on the cushion….

ThermiRF Smoothes and Thightens Skin Using Radio Frequencies

Dr. Edward E. Dickerson hosts a seminar on ThermiRF products to explain how the radio frequency technology works without cutting to smooth and tighten the skin for longer lasting results than Botox.