Hi, it's Dr. Paul Nassif. Today we're going to discuss the recovery time for rhinoplasty. When patients come in I basically tell them they need two weeks of downtime which means no work. However, when they say, "Well, how long am I really going to recover. You know, how am I going to be at four weeks?"

I say at four weeks you'll be doing pretty well. You get to start exercising. You'll still have swelling. You'll have, maybe, about 40% of the swelling gone down at that time. However, you need a good year to have about 90% of the swelling to go down and two years for about 100% of the swelling to go down. Thank you.

What's Are the Healing Stages After a Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Paul Nassif answers questions about the recovery period for a rhinoplasty, discussing the healing stages after the procedure and what you should expect during that time.