Female Voice: For a while there and I think even in some areas of the country, the trend was to actually look done and you know the more fullness you had and the more immobile you were, the better people thought you look. I've never ascribed to that. I do think naturally looking is nice and I think not only will some of your experience show and a lot of patients will say, "Well, I've earned these lines." So that's kind of nice, but it's also just a more natural look. It doesn't necessarily look like you're always doing something. I tell patients that the cross feet are happy lines.

There is no real negative aspect to those lines, whereas you know people talk about the 11th. That's a negative line and so if we're going to leave some lines on our face, let's leave some happy lines and show expression and get rid of the negative lines that where people might think we're scaling at them or angry when we're not angry and that tends to work well too because a lot of times, patients come and wanting this but they've got deep, deep frown lines and in my book, I want you to smile but I don't want you to frown so.

What is the "Less Done" Look?

Dr. Jacqueline Calkin discusses the "Less Done" look.