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Man: The thing that's most important that we've learned, only in the past four or five years, is that much of what used to be attributed to gravity, everybody talked about the gravity pulling down the face. It has nothing to do with gravity. What really happens is it's volume loss. When we say volume loss, what that means it that the skull, the skeletal structure of the face, begins to shrink as we age. And it's just like osteoporosis in other bones.

So when the skeleton shrinks, the individual bones of the face begin to recede and get smaller. The eye socket gets bigger. The forehead goes backward and a little smaller. These cheekbones, that when you're a kid, just sit there like two little apples, begin to flatten out, and particularly the jaw, both in men and women, begins to shrink in height and also goes backward.

When that happens, you've got this beautiful envelope of skin, that used to be tightly wrapped, like a gift box around the package that supported it, but now the structure of that package is gone, so what happens is this loose skin is no longer supported by the structures beneath, and the cheeks fall, the jowls fall. And it's not the gravity that causes it. It doesn't have the support. So in essence, volume replacement is the basis of all rejuvenation today, and it's what makes a far better outcome than we used to get.

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What is the Key to Rejuvenation?

Dr. Stephen Mandy shares his insights on what he considers the key to all facial rejuvenation today.