Male Voice: A couple of the technologies that we highlight here for helping to improve the shape of your body is called Velashape and UltraShape. Velashape is one of the most clinically proven approaches to improving or smoothing the surface texture. A large percentage of our female patients are bothered by cellulite and rough skin texture on parts of their body and Velashape is a way of helping to smooth that.

Now UltraShape is a way of reducing the thickness of an area and actually getting rid of fat cells. UltraShape is a really unique approach that uses focused ultrasound to permanently destroy fat cells in a small area of the body and for small areas of the body without any downtime at all and roughly for the time it takes you to go to the gym and spend an hour doing the workout, you can have some permanent improvements to your contours.

What is the Difference Between Velashape and Ultra Shape?

Doctor Mathew Mosher discusses Velashape and UltraShape.