Dr. Rami Ghurani: Tummy Tucks and liposuction—two different procedures. They can be combined. Now, are they good for weight loss? No, I really don’t believe in that. I think weight loss should be done through lifetime modification.

With that, I mean diet—the proper diet that’s monitored by a physician and a nutritionist—a specialist in the field of nutrition—and exercise. Which also should be monitored by an exercise specialist.

When I encounter that type of a question, “Is that a replacement for diet and weight loss,” I absolutely say no. I’m a physician first before a plastic surgeon, and I believe in health first.

So the patient—the good candidates are the patients that have excess skin. Redundant skin that’s lost its laxity, especially after weight loss.

And that’s where I would recommend the removal of that excess skin, and that’s where the Tummy Tuck comes in, because it’s removing excess skin.

Now, a Tummy Tuck can improve shape and contour, but the use of liposuction—which is removing fat from areas of concern or areas that are resistant to weight loss—is where I can get the most contour and benefit the patient’s shape.

Numerous times, I’ve combined a liposuction with a Tummy Tuck, namely for the waist and the flank area. I try not to get any more aggressive with that, even though there are plastic surgeons out there that combine more—liposuction—more aggressive liposuction—I try to be careful, so that the healing is not hindered.

A lot of times after the liposuction, after the patient’s had a chance to heal for at least three months, I will go back in and do further liposuction of their areas that are of concern, to enhance their shape.


What is the Difference Between Lipo and Tummy Tuck

Dr. Rami Ghurani discusses the difference between liposuction and tummy tuck.