Well, when you think of combination therapy, it's actually geared at exactly what's happening as we age. We like to relax the muscles that tend to tense up with the neuro-toxin. We call it the four Rs. We like to resurface the skin if you've been out in the sun too much. In California, where we are, even 20 year olds have sun damage, so we resurface with some sort of laser. And then we refill the skin.

You might not know that starting in your 30s, you lose a teaspoon of volume a day, so we actually start adding a little bit of volume, so refilling. And lastly, would be redraping. When things are sagging, this is usually not from gravity, but from the volume loss. But we can tighten the skin now with a number of new agents. We have ultrasound devices, radio frequency, things that can tighten the skin, and all to avoid surgery later on.

What is Combination Therapy and How Will it Help You?

Doctor Kimberly Butterwick explains how combination therapy can be used to get the best results.