David Amron: Okay, let's talk about Cellulaze. Cellulaze is a really exciting new technology that's entered recently. What cellulite is to begin with is an interesting fibrous tissue in a vertical orientation in the surface layer of the fat. And we have known this over the years, but it's been very difficult to deal with.

I have used superficial liposuction over the years to make improvements in cellulite and can usually make a great improvement. But with Cellulaze, it takes it to another level because Cellulaze is using a laser energy directed in certain orientations to break up those fibrous bands and to get skin tightening.

It really is a great addition to my practice. It's different than liposuction. It's not removing fat. It's specifically targeting cellulite. And the beauty is that you can use it by itself to only target cellulite, or you can utilize it with liposuction in areas where there's cellulite in patients.

Typically it's an outpatient procedure done in about one hour in a treatment room. A little bit of local anesthesia is put in first, and then the procedure is done by myself only. Nobody else in the practice does the procedure. It is very technique dependent also, as is liposuction surgery. But it's really making fantastic improvements in the treatment of cellulite which was never really possible up until now. I don't think it's going to be possible with anything that is non-surgical that's been marketed for the treatment of cellulite.

What is Cellulite and How Can It Be Treated using Cellulaze?

Doctor David Amron discusses Cellulaze.