Dr. Dana Goldberg: Labiaplasty has become one of the more common procedures I perform in the office. I find that most women are not coming in because they want to look better, they're coming in because they have symptoms. Those symptoms could range from discomfort with exercise to just feeling uncomfortable wearing tight clothing, like a bathing suit or yoga pants.

For a labiaplasty procedure, it can be done in the operating room, but we actually do a fair number of our labiaplasties in the office. With oral sedation, patients are able to tolerate getting local anesthetic to the area and then the tissue is trimmed and sutured back into place with dissolvable sutures, so no sutures need to be removed.

Patients will have discomfort for about a week and some mild soreness for about four to six weeks in the area. After labiaplasty, my average patient is pretty swollen and sore for a week or two, so I have patients take at least three or four days off work, and most of them will take about a week off of a more intense job.

Exercise needs to be avoided for about two weeks, and I tell patients to expect that it'll be four to six weeks before they can resume intercourse or tampon use.

Labiaplasty can absolutely be combined with other procedures. I've done it with breast augmentation. I have done it with other external genitalia procedures, like a clitoral hood pexy or a labia majora reduction, and I have done it with internal vaginal tightening, as well.

What is a Labiaplasty?

Dr. Dana M. Goldberg discusses everything you need to know about Labiaplasty including signs you are a good candidate and how long recovery time is.