It’s definitely a trend because we are doing a lot more of it and I’ve been doing liposuction for many years, I think about almost 20 years at this point. Generally, we would do liposuction and remove the fat, just get rid of it, but if we do liposuction now in a slightly different way with less actual vacuum and we protect the fat cells, which are somewhat fragile, we can use them to provide volume. One of the areas that has gained a lot of popularity recently is in the breast. Much of the volume in the breast is actually from fat and fat is a very natural substance to use. We can do the procedure with very tiny skin incisions. Usually, they’re not even perceptible so it’s virtually scar-free and the results are very natural so the breast retains its native configuration, just larger.

What is a Fat Transfer and What Areas Can be Treated?

Dr. Robert Langdon discusses what areas of the body can be treated with fat transfer.