Good morning this is Doctor Steven Predneville, and today I would like to
discuss a topic that I perform commonly as a patient plastic surgeon and
that's a face lift procedure. There are lots of people this day in age
seeking facial rejuvenation. Obviously we want to have an appearance that
matches our self-image and so when people ask me let's say, late 50's early
60's or perhaps older. If they're concerned about the mid facial area, the
jowl jawing and neck area, sagging in the neck, what's the most
comprehensive way and longest lasting way to address this problem. The
answer is a face lift.

A face lift has a connotation which are both positive and negative in our
lexicon, but if properly performed a face lift is a beautiful procedure
which can provide long lasting results 10 years plus and really
comprehensively address in the mid face, jowl and neck line area. So
basically if you have these concerns and you want to address them and
you're willing to consider a surgical procedure and face lift can be a
great procedure.

Make sure you see a board certified facial plastic surgeon
for your concerns. That will lead potentially to the best outcomes. If you
would like to see our photo gallery and gallery of down time please visit
our website at and we'll be able to show you your
recovery at one week, one month and also a wide variety of results.

I hope this was helpful, please call us if you have any further questions.
Thank you. Bye Bye.

Facelift Facts and How to Determine if You Are a Worthy Candidate

Dr. Stephen Prendiville answers some common questions about facelifts including how to know if you are a good candidate for the procedure, what areas can be addressed, and the amount of downtime to expect.