Sheila Maitlen: Dr. Klein, if a patient has Voluma injected and they decide they don't like it, is there anything they can do to get it taken out?

Dr. Lorrie Klein: Well, Voluma being a hyaluronic acid filler, it's dissolvable. All the hyaluronic acid fillers have an eraser. If something goes wrong or there's an area someone doesn't like for some reason, there is a solution that can be injected into it to make it dissolve. And it's almost instantaneous. I see it usually dissolving before my eyes.

We don't dissolve very often, but once in a while patients will come in with something they don't like from some other office with a hyaluronic acid filler in it. We can fix it for them.

Sheila Maitlen: So, when a patient comes in to have Voluma injected, does it hurt? Or is there a process that you do to numb the area?

Dr. Lorrie Klein: We use a cold spray called Pain Ease, and it's like instant ice. We just spray it as we inject. It's very unique. It works very well. You have to either have an assistant though, be ambidextrous, or very quick because you have to spray and inject right away. Luckily, I am a little ambidextrous, so I can spray with my right hand and inject with my left. But it does help patients with discomfort. They're very happy with it.

Sheila Maitlen: So, Dr. Klein, is there anything that's actually in the syringe of the Voluma that makes it also more comforting when injecting into the skin?

Dr. Lorrie Klein: All hyaluronic acid fillers, from Allergan, Juvederm, Juvederm Plus, and Voluma, all contain lidocaine. And lidocaine is a topical anesthetic, an injectable anesthetic also, and so it does numb once it gets into the skin.

Sheila Maitlen: So, Dr. Klein, what is your experience with Voluma, and do you use it often?

Dr. Lorrie Klein: I use Voluma every day. Lots of patients are asking for cheek treatments, and I'm also educating patients on how, when their face ages, it's often the cheeks that need revolumization, in other words, lifting back up on the cheeks. It helps the lower face. It helps the eyes.

I'm also a trainer for Voluma, for Allergan, so I do train other physicians how to use it. It is one of my favorite products.

What If I Don't Like My Voluma Injection? is It Reversible?

Dr. Lorrie Klein explains the unique trait of hyaluronic acids, which is that they are dissolvable.