Hi, I'm Doctor David Reath in Knoxville Tennessee and I am a frequent user
of Real Self; and one of the questions that I think comes to the mind of
many of the Real Self users, who are looking at information on breast
augmentation is what happens to nipple sensitivity, feeling in the nipple
following the surgery.

Well fortunately for most people there is no long term change in nipple
sensitivity. Many people perhaps as many as a third of women can lose some
sensitivity right after surgery, but the majority of those women will get
the sensitivity back, although sometimes it takes many months to re-achieve

On the other hand there are some women who have increased sensitivity.
Where it's almost uncomfortable to have the nipple touched. Generally this
is due, I think because some of the nerves that go to the nipple are being
stretched by the implant, and as things heal and things relax, that
increased sensitivity normally resolves, so that it's not a long term

So for the majority of women long term nipple sensitivity will be unchanged
however there can be some transient changes and there can be a few people
who will lose nipple sensitivity, but this is something that if you're
looking at having breast augmentation you should definitely discuss with
aboard certified plastic surgeon that you're seeing.

Nipple Sensitivity Expectations Following Breast Surgery

Following breast surgery, patients can expect varying results in nipple sensitivity. Some may lose sensitivity for a few months and some may experience increased sensitivity, but most patients, according to Dr. David Reath, will return to normal.