Non-invasive procedures would basically be those procedures that don't really break the skin. They don't cause an incision or a puncture like an injection. Whereas, invasive procedures would be like full-blown surgical procedures. So, like a full face and neck lift or coronal brow lift or something like that. In between is when we use the term minimally invasive. That means we may be causing some injection or puncture of the skin. We may be causing small incisions but we're able to do things without really making long incisions or doing such an extensive procedure.

An example of this might be injection of fillers to fill in parts of the face like the nasolabial fold or underneath the eyes. Maybe fat transfer, so even though we're doing a little liposuction procedure and harvesting some fat, we just make little punctures and inject it. I would even include things like short scar facelifts or minimal incision brow lifts in that sort of minimally invasive category because there are certain types of facelifts that we can do that don't require the big long incisions of a more traditional full face and neck lift.

What Does the Term "Minimally Invasive" Actually Mean?

Dr. Joseph Grzeskiewicz explains what the common terms mean when describing treatments and/or procedures: invasive, minimally invasive, and non-invasive.