The procedure itself doesn't hurt that much. It's done under local, you need to be awake so you can participate in the surgery. Open your eyes, look up, do some other things that I ask you to do during the procedure but the process of getting numbed up is a little bit like going to the dentist and having a cavity done. That initial stick stings but after that you really don't feel anything. A lot of times during the procedure, patients and I are talking about their personal lives, their interests, their professional lives. After the surgery there's really not much pain. In fact, if you have a lot of pain, I tell my patients to call me because that would be unusual.

So, if it's incision method your sutures come out anyhwere from five to seven days after the surgery. If it is suture technique, which is a technique where you make a series of small holes in the eyelid, where you want the crease to be, there's not sutures to remove. But in general, for both of those your healing time is going to be anywhere from five to ten days in a general sense. If you're a very private patient, you want to give yourself a couple of weeks because it'll take you probably ten to 14 days to look more natural and look like your old self, although there are excemptions either way. Some patients heal very rapidly, it's about seven days. Some patients take about two to three weeks to really look natural.

What Can I Expect While Recovering From Asian Eyelid Surgery?

Dr. Chase Lay talks all about recovery after Asian eyelid surgery: pain, swelling, sutures, and follow-up.