Female Voice: One of the reasons I really went in to dermatology before medical school was because I come from a family of a lot of acne. Even though it doesn't show so much on my face, on my back, I have some scarring and for me, it's an issue that's near and deer into my heart is to improving the texture of the skin and I like intervening early like you see a case of someone that has acne that's going to lead to scarring before we can scars that are in depth.

But if a scar is present, there is a fair amount of modalities that we can use to improve it and just like there's not one device for every patient. There are multiple devices depending on the depth of the scar and the type of the scar. So I find that the fractional radiofrequency treatment is very good for scarring especially in ethnic skin and in Washington DC, we have a fair amount of patients that are Middle Eastern or African American or Asian.

We can't use high enough energies in a lot of the laser devices because of the side effects of discoloration. But if this patient does have lighter skin, we can get fairly good results with fractional CO2 and also with a non-ablative fractional resurfacing.

What Can be Done for Acne Scaring?

Dr. Melda Isaac discusses what can be done for acne scaring.