Male Voice: Acne scarring is a real problem. There're lots of theories whose scars if you don't take care of it, if you pick, there're lots of things out there. I sort of live under the premise if you've got a scar, it's a genetic thing because I've seen horrendous acne leave nothing and I've seen two or three pimples leave big holes in people's skin, just like chickenpox.

But acne scarring can be really a problem, not only as you get older and you have scarring and wrinkles, but just the scarring itself. So again over the last four or five years, we've had incredible devices in this fractional world that we live in, not only with the lasers but radiofrequency, bipolar fractional radiofrequency and we can improve these things almost, you know, to the point where they're not visible anymore.

We never tell our patients you're going to get every scar done, but we can make a lot of them better. If you're a woman in particular and you've got acne scars and you want to cover them, it's hard to cover with makeup. But if I can treat you two or three times, not hurt you and then a very light coded makeup covers the scars, it's easy. So patients really like these treatments.

So the fractional lasers and radiofrequency, the devices have changed our world dramatically. It will change even more when the US gets more into what were called microneedles, not rolling needles but microneedles, where we can deliver a whole bunch of needles straight down into the skin at an incredibly fast rate. We can do it under topical anesthesia and we can actually redevelop the collagen underneath at a faster rate or maybe a better rate than we can with some of the fractional lasers. These are fractional microneedles that have radiofrequency that they have with the needles.

So it's coming. These are outside the US right now. Some of are coming to the US faster than others and we'll get them probably in 2014, 2015, but there is a whole other world out there and it's all coming to the US.

What Can Be Done About Acne Scarring?

Doctor Michael Gold discusses treatment options for acne scarring.