Which breast implant is the best implant? Well, the reality is that there's no single breast implant that's the ideal implant for every patient. The exciting thing about breast augmentation surgery currently is the fact that there are three implant companies that have FDA approval to market and sell their implants in the United States. This provides a wide variety of implant selections. There are smooth and textured implants, round and shaped implants, and an almost endless variety of base diameter projection and volume.

For any given patient's starting point, it's possible to fine tune an implant selection that is almost a perfect fit. Competition in the marketplace is good for any marketplace, and has been especially good for the breast augmentation consumer. I strongly recommend that you seek a surgeon that has a relationship with more than just one implant company. You'll have more choices when your implant is selected.

Which Breast Implant Is the Best Implant?

Dr. Michael Law explains that there is no single breast implant that is ideal for every patient. With three implant companies with FDA approval in the U.S., there are a wide variety of implants to choose from, and each has its pros and cons.