Male Voice: Neuromodulators, you know, Botox, Dysport are pretty popular. We've have them over a decade and I actually really like to use them. Why? Because, you know, one of the first things that people noticed, you know, when they look at you and communicate is, you know, some of the creases. Like here and you know maybe they don't notice this as much. I've started to notice since I've done it and it doesn't take tons of, you know, treatment or basically amount to kind of soften that.

I think sometimes our mistake is people have seen a few people with a frozen forehead or frozen features. It doesn't look good and so I try to do the things which really are the best for patient's back, definitely here, here. Like I point it even on the forehead and a few other places and I think you get a lot of mileage out of, you know, not as much product or as money so that's why I like that procedure.

What are the New Trends with Botox?

Dr. David Myers discusses some of the new trends with Botox.