Volume loss is a whole different thing in the face. For years, we've had fillers and different kinds of things to use, and we would put that in your face, and there are some great fillers for volume loss that exist, but we've never had the, quote, unquote FDA-approved volume filler. Now we do, and it's Voluma, part of the Juvederm family. I've been doing fillers for years and years and years.

When I have a filler patient that has volume loss in the cheeks, I'm actually marking the patient, criss-crossing various lines that we use to determine the optimal place to put the filler. It works by putting aliquots of filler into various parts where people suffer from volume loss.

Again, it's a wonderful thing, and clinical trials have show that the effect can last upwards of two years, because these are not areas of motion compared to around your mouth, and if you do the filler right, the right injector with the right training, you can get some really wonderful correction in volume loss.

What are the Best Volumizing Treatments?

Dr. Michael H. Gold discusses how he is able to determine optimal placement for fillers and which injectable he has found to have the best results.