When you’re talking about volume replacement to lift the face, to pull it up and a little bit back, which you need to have something that has a high G prime. High G prime is found in fillers like Radiesse, which is calcium hydroxylapatit filler or it’s also found in certain hyaluronic fillers like Restylane, Perlane, Voluma. Those are the big lifters. There are a lot of other hyaluronic acids that don’t lift so much but do a very good job of smoothing. For fine line wrinkles around the mouth or on the cheek, that is no lift issue. That’s mostly sun damage issue and for that, we use the more smooth fillers like Juvederm, Belotero. Those things kind of stretch the skin and give it some firmness and tone that you otherwise lose with age.

One of the nice things about the type of work we do with injectable agents is that if you do it. . .Let’s suppose you do Botox for your forehead, you get a nice smooth forehead, but at the end of the three or four months when it wears off, you say, that was really cool but it isn’t worth the money or maybe, it’s worth it maybe once a year around the holidays and that’s very common. You don’t lose anything by not doing it on those interval, on a regular interval. But the best results were achieved with doing it every three to four months and that has to be factored into your budget.

What are the Best Fillers for Volume Rejuvenation?

Dr. Stephen Mandy shares his insights on what fillers work best for volume rejuvenation?