With regard to liposuction surgery side effects, this is a surgery. And there is typical effects from a surgery in terms of possible bruising, which goes on for about a couple of weeks, swelling, which slowly goes away after a few weeks usually. The incision points take some time to close up, usually about a week or so. It can get a little bit irritated afterwards. But one of the most important things is really a bad result and a poor result from liposuction surgery when it's not done properly the first time. I deal with a lot of this, in terms of the what that I do, in the revision work. Those fall into different categories such as, the surgeon has created disproportion, has created irregularities, has created an unnatural shape, has created asymmetry... So really the main side effect from liposuction surgery, to me, is unfortunately a bad result from poorly done work and a poor patient evaluation about who's a candidate, where to target... but really poor surgical skills and technique, with regard to the surgery itself.

What Are Possible Liposuction Surgery Side Effects?

Doctor David Amron discusses the possible side effects after Liposuction surgery.