Dana Goldberg: Sizers are a way to try on implants in the office to give you an idea of what a certain size implant might look like inside your bra. This is one way of patients communicating with surgeons about potential sizes for after surgery.

Many women want breast augmentation to become more proportionate in clothing since they wear a smaller size on top than on the bottom. Too large an implant can create new problems like not being able to button the blouses you already own. Carefully consider this before going larger just to get your money's worth or so you don't regret going too small. Also, some patients want large breasts so they can look like they have a smaller waist.

Again, going too large can lower the fold, create too much fullness on top and actually make you look heavier and more short waisted. Size is by far the most common regret when it comes to breast augmentation. There is a myth that every patient wishes they went bigger, but honestly I've noticed an equal number of patients that wish they had chosen a smaller implant, especially once they get into their 30s and 40s.

Most patients get used to the swelling and artificial fullness on the top of the breast that is present for the first three months or so until the implant settles. That means that going larger won't necessarily make you happier.

What are Breast Implant Sizers?

Doctor Dana Goldberg shares factors to consider when selecting an implant size, and how sizers help in this decision process.