Hi, I'm Larry Schlesinger and I'm a board-certified plastic surgeon from Honolulu, Hawaii, and the question of the day is, "Can I get a mastopexy with minimal to no scarring, and how do I keep the scarring from getting excessive?"

Well, it all depends on how droopy your breasts are. And droop is defined as the relationship between that fold at the bottom of your breast known as the inframammary fold and the position of the nipple-areolar complex. So if the entire nipple is below the fold, you must get a standard lift. And to get a standard lift means that an incision around the areola, a vertical and a horizontal incision.

Now, if the surgeon is well-versed in how to do these procedures, you can get minimal scarring but you will have a scar no matter what. The deep sutures are permanent and they're thick, and there's stitches right underneath the skin. There's some inverted or below-the-surface dissolvable staples, and, of course, a neat suturing on the surface.

Good suturing even on the aggressive lift can lead to minimal scarring. The Benelli Mastopexy is a beautiful and very elegant procedure, because you get the lift with an incision just around the areola. If your surgeon tapes it correctly afterwards, there's minimal to no scarring.

Finally if there is any scarring, it can be dealt with very well with tattooing over the scarring at a later time. The most minimal lift would be a dual-plane mastopexy. The entire incision's done in the armpit, it obviously has an implant in, and it's a way of lifting the areola up in getting a much more advantageous and nice-appearing breast lift for minimal cases. There's actually no scarring, because the incisions strictly in the armpit.

Thank you very much for your time. I'm Larry Schlesinger, a board-certified plastic surgeon from Hawaii. See you later.

Minimal Breast Lift Scarring

Dr. Larry Schlesinger explains the different breast lift options available to women, ranked from most to least scar potential.