Dr. Berkowitz: All right, Dr. Berkowitz here. We're going to do the thermage procedure and thermage is a procedure we've been doing here at Accents for many years, but today I'm going to be the patient and we're going to use the wonderful radio frequency waves to tighten. I've been looking underneath my chin at the fullness there, and decided it's time to go ahead nonsurgical and try to tighten it up. And we're going to try two different tips, the one that we normally use and one that's vibrational as well, and see how I do with it.

Normally, most of my patients take medications to help in regard to the heat that thermage makes. But I'm going to attempt to do it without any medication at all, and so, let's see what happens. Well, we placed a grid underneath my chin to the areas that we're going to be treating and we're going to start with the NXT handpiece. This is just some coupling fluid to allow the heat from the radio frequency to come to my skin. So the machine is really smart and it will tune itself to my skin. That's what we're doing now. Well, the cold pumps feel great.

Kate: How are you feeling?

Dr. Berkowitz: That feels very light. So you can feel some of the heat come through this cold, and heat again, and cold again.

Kate: What number are you looking for?

Dr. Berkowitz: I'd call this a one and a half.

Kate: Really? One and a half?

Dr. Berkowitz: That's a two. We're right next to the bone here. We literally turned up the heat here and a stronger power. So I'm feeling the cold, then it's just like a spark of heat. So we're using a CPT vibrational handpiece along the jawline, and this is where some people have a little bit of discomfort, and I'm pretty comfortable. I'm no hero. I don't love pain, so this is pretty good. I'm at 3.1 now or...?

Kate: Yeah.

Dr. Berkowitz: We're now at 3.5. Now Kate's taking off the vibration because she wants me to feel pain, but it's really not that bad.

Kate: You're done.

Dr. Berkowitz: All right, so we've used both handpieces and vibrate we did underneath my chin, along my jawline, and my forehead. We'll take a look again in a few days, in a few weeks, all right. Dr. Berkowiz, signing off. We'll talk to you again soon.

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